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                Integrity, efficiency and selfless dedication of successive Management Committees have ensured the continuity and growth of the Home since the first presidency of Myanma Alin U Tin in 1943 to this day. The members are selected by self nomination from a cross-section of citizens committed to voluntary services for old age welfare.


The home is solely dependent on generous public charity. Income is generated by donations, interest bearing Bank deposits and savings. Donations from within and abroad are vitally crucial to sustain and develop the Home in the years ahead.

                The 75th.Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Ceremony of the founding of Hninzigon Home was being held for the entire twelve months of 2008, with grandeur and magnificence, pomp and pageantry, amid much respect and admiration to commemorate the pioneer founder Grandma Oo Zun. A four storey RC building wasbuilt,dedicated in her name: “Daw Oo Zun Diamond Jubilee Building”.
                The Grandpas and Grandmas are relocated in the new buildings with fully furnished beds, beddings to live in comfort in their twilight years. The ground floor provides spacious dining room.
                A spacious hall 128 feet x 64 feet is located at the top storey named as “Diamond Jubilee Hall” suitable for holding social ceremonies such as wedding reception, exhibition, meetings,seminars and conference.A lift is provided for easy access for the old people and guests.
                In the same trend, “Hninzi Myaing” building was also constructed in 2010 in dedication to the second founder and First President ThadoThiriThudhamma MyanmaAlin U Tin.
                The new four storey building is specially furnished to accommodate old people who desired to have the facilities of old age care and can afford the expense for such attention. This concept of a paid home is a pioneering step by the Hninzigon Home to help such people who would like to spend their sunset years in peace under professional care, with expense provided by themselves or by their affordable children. A lift is provided.
                Priority is accorded to the honorary members and families of the Home for the Aged Management Committee who have contributed voluntarily many years for the cause of old age care, and have retired after reaching 80 years of age.
                When President Myanma Alin inaugurated the Hninzigon Home in the new premise in 1957 with 45 residents, the Management had aspired to accommodate 100 in the near future. When the was met, the 150th.mark was envisioned. That was also fulfilled in no time due to boundless generosity of the donors to the noble cause. Then again the target was raised to 200, which was also accomplished. Now that the Home can accommodate 240 the aspiration is raised to 300 which the Management Committee is committed to accommodate in the not too distant future. Thus the old residential buildings were renovated and upgraded new buildings are being constructed to accommodate expending facilities. The new three storey Bo Bwa Hospital is being built and equipped to provide update medical care for ageing people.

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