Recreation facilities and opportunities are provided, such as TV, home library with newspapers, journals and magazines. Pedestrian path is paved for walking. Hobbies, sports and social interchange are arrangedas outlets. Religious and social activities and festivities are held annually. Independence Day sports activities are organized for the Grandpas and Grandmas, sponsored by the Management Committee, staff and volunteers. City sightseeing, and out of city short tours are arranged 5 times a year, during the open seasonal months of winterto enjoy outdoor environment change. Such religious ceremonies, social meets, and annual fun fair are celebrated for entertainment, media exposure as well as fund raising.

Hninzigon Home for The Aged
No.21, Kabaaye Pagoda Road.Yangon, Myanmar. Tel: 59-1-541796, 95-1-541797, 95-1-546196

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